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About us

Presentwater AS consist of a small but dedicated team of industry experts - originating from the shipping industry. We have a solid network of partners and advisors. 

Concepts have been developed in steps, commercialized and launched the last five years, with excellent support and together with market-leading clients in the cruise industry.

Our Target – Our Mission – Our Vision

– Our target is to establish hybrid Water Production as a “standard” platform - for holistic heat- and water utilization onboard cruise/ expedition vessels by 2020.

– Our mission is to establish Exergy design as a platform in general shipping - for optimal energy efficiency, hybridization and conversion of surplus heat to power by 2025

– Our vision is to create a platform solution for optimal energy efficiency - in processes where fossil fuel is being utilized or heat can be recovered cost-effectively.

 We are currently delivering turn-key projects to all our cruise clients, based on performance criteria and guarantees for meeting agreed saving targets.

The projects have been launched when ships are in service to minimize cost impact for owners.

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Presentwater AS has already fifteen retrofit projects on Advanced heating system under its belt. All of them saving close to 10% or more on total fuel consumption onboard.

Currently we are launching our new hybrid Water production which has potential to set a new standard for water processes in the cruise industry.  

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)
– Advanced heating systems 2012 –›

Aida Cruises
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Costa (Carnival Maritime)
– Hybrid water production 2017 –›              

– Advanced heating systems 2018 –›

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